Saturday, February 26, 2005

Aaah, the REDACTED are at it again...

...Just when it looked like we were having a good run. Nothing had really got me angry; like sceam from the rooftops angry, for a few months.

Had the human race learned?? was I mellowing?? who knows and, thanks to that pinnacle of REDACTED, the REDACTED, we dont need to find out.

I mean, let us look beyond the fact that they actively discourage the use and distribution of condoms in those parts of the world where AIDS infection rates are highest. Since they DO try to push the idea of abstinance as an alternative; in a region where genocide is routinely carried out over the price of milk, they advocate self control. Let us look beyond that. Let us ignore the fact that they only recently accepted that the world is indeed not flat by REDACTED decree and the earth isnt the centre of the universe. Let us ignore all this. They now seem like a perfectly reasonable organisation, dont they?? no longer that group who claimed they had a REDACTED given right to torture non REDACTED and REDACTED who didnt agree with them to death simply because they refused to eat out of the hand of some grotty, unwashed child molester in the guise of a REDACTED. Well, they still like to molest children. Anyway, look past all this and they almost seem like an organisation that actually gives a shit about the world.

Ha! fortunately they have acted to rectify this misconception. That fossilised oxygen thief they call the REDACTED has written a new book to help educate our heathen souls. I shit you not, this dude is busy spending millions of his organisation's dollars to cheat death (you would think a religious and righteous man wouldn't fear death, wouldn't you?) yet he still finds time to hack out propaganda that would make Goebbels proud.

Funny I should mention Goebbels, as it is pertinent to my favourite claim in the book.

You see, gather round ye sinners, because the REDACTED has declared that allowing women the freedom of choice is as bad as committing industrial genocide against Jews. Im trying to decide if this means he thinks it is a self evident requirement of modern society or a bad thing; if the former, we are back to REDACTED fucktards torturing folks to death; if the latter... well. Anyway, he claims that if women are afforded the right to choose things for themselves, this is just as bad as the nazi Holocaust of World War II. See, told ya goebbels would be pertinent.

Let me restate that, the point he was trying to make is that freedom of choice for women is the same as murdering millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and disabled people.

Is this SERIOUSLY what REDACTED stands for in modern society?? If so, Im not entirely sure REDACTED and his boys are on the wrong side any more.

Did our grandparents die to protect this kind of ideal, or did they actually stand up against this kind of hatred in World War Two. I think against it, and Im planning a party for the day the evil bastard who pushes this point of view dies.

This kind of thing angers me more than you can understand. How can this man claim to support peace and goodwill and then go and claim that freedom of choice is evil. More critically, freedom of choice for women! we men are still free to choose whatever the fuck we please apparently, as long as the REDACTED says its ok.

So, in summary, thank you REDACTED for showing me that there are still things to rage against. Isn't it a wonderful world?

Note; This post has been edited for fear of falling foul to new "anti-terror" legislation which enacted stronger sedition and incitement laws in Australia. It was a nice free country we used to live in.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Well fuck me with a rusty chainsaw!

The Governator, who has 55odd million californians to tax, has decided that they arent making enough money to afford to maintain that laughably small sliver of land they are all living in. FIFTY FIVE MILLION PEOPLE!!

Anyway, they are planning to do this. Because fuel efficient cars have cut down tax income.

Fucking hell, if california cant generate enough revenue to maintain services and infrastructure for the tiny little paddock it is located in, how the FUCK can our government manage.

Either we Australians are getting a BIG tax rise coming, or the governator needs to cut back on the cigars.

The mind boggles.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Coolness and Wierdness

Our ever helpful local television networks played Battlestar Galactica 2000 miniseries this past weekend. Sure, not much of a surprise, but the fact that they played it at 2030 and not 0100 was a fucking surprise. After all, firefly managed to make it to TV down here at midnight!!

"Jayne, go get Vera!"........ "Call me, call me now; Im waiting here in bed to talk to you (whisper) $4765.20 per minute"... kinda ruins the feeling of a good scifi show. Fortunately we have the DVDs.

Speaking of DVDs, we chose to watch aforementioned Battlestar they call Galactica from our DVD rather than the likely butchered and advert ladened TV version (you should see what channel 10 do to The Simpsons!). Anyway, imagine my surprise when, about 14 minutes in, when the education minister who will be president is getting the bad news about breast cancer, I spot something as the camera pans down. Here we segue with my firefly comments, as the camera pans in for the scene many space ships are visible, and in the top left of the screen, a Firefly class transport is clearly visible. An homage to the lamented but great show or coincidence??

Anyway, there is also a black box that can see into the future. Cool?? very, even cooler if it could actually predict WHAT was going to happen, not just that something was going to happen. For all we know it could be England finally winning a cricket match and not an aircraft getting parked in a building!

Life is a funny fucking thing. Which could lead to a discussion on another slashdot news story; but it really wasnt that great, just amusing.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Long time between drinks

Yeah, I know; what a fucking hack. I get all fired up and irritable then seem to vanish for 3 months.

Well, I was on holiday most of it and a bloody good time it was, very few things irritated me; and I recieved a port keg that I had to lavish attention on. I also watercooled my PC, it gets warm down here.

I then had to admire the noise my new pc made with seventeen million fans moving air around it and purty up my linux laptop.

But these things are past now, Im back and just as angry as ever. w00t!