Friday, October 19, 2007

A Sense of Humour is not optional!!!

Apparently this pompous tool has a problem with humour, more specifically, irony.

The Chaser, the only remaining proof that we Australians aren't a bunch of vainglorious, self absorbed and uptight Americans, write a glorious yet scathing satire of the modern media and their habit of cannonizing dead celebrities and folks get upset... FUCKING WRONG!

People, it was a joke, laugh at it. In laughing perhaps you will be a little less depressed at the fact that media DOES cannonize the dead. People dont change when they die; well, they are less interactive and tend to smell a little more if not properly maintained; but their past actions are no less flawed or otherwise. As a wise author once wrote in a sidebar "Dead is dead, parts is parts, dead guys is parts"...

On a more serious note, I personally feel that by glossing over parts of a persons life you arent honouring their memory but trivialising their existance by creating a mere caracature of the individual. And I dont give a shit if you need to do this to cope with your loss, ignoring the truth doesnt change it nor help you move on; people just need to harden the fuck up and learn to cope with reality.

Perhaps we all need to just get the fuck over ourselves and lighten up. This reminds me of the furor over Jay and the Doctor's (from Frenzal Rhomb) "Tsuna-you, Tsuna-me" song which lambasted the public and their taste for soul balming tokenism (and, indeed, promoted donating to useful charities all the while)...

People, a sense of humour and the ridiculous, get one. There is something funny in every event, even if you have to ignore the horror surrounding it. Learn to laugh at yourselves, at your hardships and at the horror of life in general and, oddly, things dont look so bad.

Im so fucking sick of the chorus of mediocraty and political correctness streamed from "mainstream media".

Go Chaser, keep it up!


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