Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Every day in Australia at the moment, we see the photo of a man on the news, his name is spoken. He is referred to as being linked to terrorist activity.

This man has not been charged with anything.

This man has not been tried in any court.

This man is, by the very definition of our legal system, innocent.

This man has now been held for nine days.

Yet, should it now turn out that he is indeed innocent, he will be tarred forever as guilty.

It concerns me that we so willingly sacrafice the freedoms of our society to "protect" us from Terrorism, I've said this before, but it bears stating again; because apparently the point has not been made. The knowledge that we have a sedition law pains me greatly, because it should never be illegal to speak your thoughts, no matter how disturbed or wrongheaded they are. The knowledge that you may be detained indefinitely by virtue of your association WITHOUT charge, pains me more. If you dont have enough evidence to charge them, you bloody well dont have enough evidence to hold them.

The irony is that by restricting our freedoms, by changing our way of life for the worse, we are actually gifting terrorists strategic victory; as one of their primary objectives is to destroy our way of life. It is never acceptable to aid the enemy in any way, by restricting our freedoms we are aiding our enemy gain victory; there was a time that this was considered treason. Treason used to be rightly punishable by death.

I therefore say, allow us the risks which are the price of our freedom. If I am the passenger next to "A. Terrorist" when they detonate themselves and am smeared all over a city street, so be it. Such a tragedy only occurs because we are free, I would rather be free than safe, you? my theory does wobble since bombings occur even in totalitarian states!!

Either way, the problem is not that people have detonated themselves on a bus, this is not what we need protection from; a comitted nutcase will always be able to cause such harm. The problem to be solved is that they CHOSE to detonate themselves on a bus; this is the problem, one which cannot be solved by passing laws or knee jerk shifts towards a totalitarian state.

I would much rather live in a nation where we enjoyed freedom from opression by the government, freedom from imprisonment without trial, freedom of association, freedom of speech. A nation where criminals are caught AFTER they comit crimes, not judged as guilty by the thought police before they take action; For it should always be by our actions, and not our words, that we are judged.

The presumption of innocence is there to protect both guilty and not, wether we like it or not; and it is part of what makes our society Great in my opinion.

It should not ever be acceptable to damn a man without first having him found guilty in a court of law. It should not ever be acceptable for the media to display photos and names of those who are, by the very definition of our laws, innocent; regardless of their intentions.

It should never be acceptable to aid our enemy in destroying our society. Bloody uncivilised savages who think indoctrinating children into dentonating themselves in public is acceptable will remain bloody uncivilised savages regardless of how many freedom restricting laws we pass. Lets try, for a change, fixing the fucking problem rather than hiding from it.

Im getting so bloody fed up with the ascention of ordinary man. The screaming masses will fucking scream anyway, DO NOT destroy our society because some bloody Mc.Mansion dwelling suburban breeder is scared of the big bad wolf. Ignore them and run the country well, throw in a good advertising campaign and they will believe you.

`nuf said?

Not even a little bit fucking happy!


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