Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Anyway, I digressed...

and promised more later.

Here is the more.

I mentioned the corporate zombie of a famous American Nazi. One well ridiculed by The Simpsons on many occasions.

This corporation buys senators and has them vote to extend copyright to protect their fucking mouse. They claim that allowing copyright to expire will harm their ability to make money and cause plagues, floods, famine and increased unemployment.

Odd then that the two most recent movie releases from this corporation are stories upon which copyright has expired and exist in the public domain, *cough*chickenlittle*cough*. Clearly, then, the expiration of copyright does NOT do the damage claimed, as they seem to make quite good money out of it.

It doesnt seem to me that you can argue for copyright extention on the one hand and take advantage of its expiration on the other, not and maintain ethics and integrity. ah!



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