Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pity the poor Hu-Mans, pity them good

For I have a "blog" upon which to spew the vitriol that fills my soul.

Were they even words?? more full of shite I could not be :) Filled often with violent rage? depends on the situation and the wannabe factor (double points for limp-wristed goth and 1337 h4X0r wannabies)... I do appear to be one of the calmest enraged men on the planet; perhaps because I vent regularly.

Slashdot will be safe (mostly) now from said phenomenon, perhaps...

Anyway, you are reading this because I got a significant motivational crisis relating to the development of my own blog using php at ghostalpha.org. Eventually I will offsite host this one there; once I sync up the styles.

well, Im gonna fsck off now and earn my dollar.

for those who noted the "blog" I will discuss this *shudder* word later...