Monday, February 14, 2005

Coolness and Wierdness

Our ever helpful local television networks played Battlestar Galactica 2000 miniseries this past weekend. Sure, not much of a surprise, but the fact that they played it at 2030 and not 0100 was a fucking surprise. After all, firefly managed to make it to TV down here at midnight!!

"Jayne, go get Vera!"........ "Call me, call me now; Im waiting here in bed to talk to you (whisper) $4765.20 per minute"... kinda ruins the feeling of a good scifi show. Fortunately we have the DVDs.

Speaking of DVDs, we chose to watch aforementioned Battlestar they call Galactica from our DVD rather than the likely butchered and advert ladened TV version (you should see what channel 10 do to The Simpsons!). Anyway, imagine my surprise when, about 14 minutes in, when the education minister who will be president is getting the bad news about breast cancer, I spot something as the camera pans down. Here we segue with my firefly comments, as the camera pans in for the scene many space ships are visible, and in the top left of the screen, a Firefly class transport is clearly visible. An homage to the lamented but great show or coincidence??

Anyway, there is also a black box that can see into the future. Cool?? very, even cooler if it could actually predict WHAT was going to happen, not just that something was going to happen. For all we know it could be England finally winning a cricket match and not an aircraft getting parked in a building!

Life is a funny fucking thing. Which could lead to a discussion on another slashdot news story; but it really wasnt that great, just amusing.



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