Thursday, October 28, 2004

For those of you who are surprised...

Yes, I do delete comments. It was always a toss up wether to allow anonymous comments or not.

But since it is unlikely trolls, beyond those of you who are my friends also, are going to stumble over this; particularly seeing at least one of said friends is paranoid about registering for anything on the internet; I decided to allow anonymous comments.

That being said, I will gleefully excise comments at whim. Possibly even at random.

What, you expected me to be fair and balanced??

Not fucking likely.

Odd for someone with such a distaste for censorship, eh?


The Penny-Arcade boys say amusing things about it in John Gabriel's Internet Fuckwad Theory. I suspect I am unlikely to delete non-anomymous comments... or anonymous comments from the aforementioned paranoind git :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cruel irony is that it transpires that we don't have a secure power system after all. Just a set of red dots on half the sockets in every office.

2:16 pm  

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