Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Not meaning to cause offence...

Ok, I know people are getting hurt and all. But in an objective sense; I am beginning to find the bumbling of the opposing forces in Iraq to be quite humerous.

Not only the embarassing collapse of the numerically superior defenders during the invasion. A collapse so rapid it would do the French or the Italians proud. But more recently the "insurgents" are making me laugh.

Now first, I feel for the people actually caught up in it, I have empathy for these good people and their families, and for the many innocent iraqis slaughtered by these religious fucks; but take a step back and look at the situation with a less subjective eye. It is like our forces are up against the keystone cops.

The fucktards who make up the terrorist forces bumble from one mistake to another, I find myself laughing out loud when I read the news stories.

Case in point; recent threats against a british citizen, may he rest in peace. However, the fact that these guys had a 24 hour deadline and then took nearly a week to finish the job suggests weak will or simple stupidity. They certainly havent increased the likelihood that we will negotiate with terrorists since we now know the SAS have a good week to run these guys down and hang them with their own intestines.

Secondly, our own proud Aussie forces were recently directly attacked by what can only be the least competent bomber in the universe. Firstly, he has eyes on the road and 100kg of radio detonated explosives. A bloody good ambush in anyones book... more than enough to put the hurt on the biggest of prey, such as an Abrams. However, our "great muslim fighter" our "lion of the resistance" (I love the hyperbole these guys use, but it normally helps to brag about things you actually CAN do guys, really, you suck, badly) was facing much smaller fish. A convoy of our own 2cav out of Darwin. LAVs, not MBTs. So, seeing them tear arseing down a street and with a vehicle commander torso out of turret (why? because Australian Officers lead from the front and good on em!) our great warrior decides to strike. 100kg of explosives detonated with line of sight precision within a road width of the convoy... the smoke clears and... he has achieved.... NOTHING. Beyond murdering several iraqis and injuring others. Two Australian soldiers sustained minor wounds, one vehicle required repair and an officer is recuperating from a wound in Hospital (my best wishes go to him and his family, good on him for being a great Aussie!). Hell, they didnt even manage to INJURE the officer, just hurt him; overall effect, he probably never has to pay for a drink again once he shares the story of the fucktard who couldnt hurt him given 100kg of explosives and the element of surprise. More importantly, as it was a radio detonator and such a convoy would have a communications officer and maybe 30 meters between front and rear vehicles, I have no doubt they identified the source of the detonation command and suitably disincentivised our great mujahidin; our soldiers are bloody well trained and you do NOT want to be down range when they stand up and shout "MY TURN!". So its entirely possible that what was not meant to be a suicide bomb turned out to be anyway.

So, by now you are wondering, like I am, where the threat from these people comes from; besides the bad luck of being nearby when the bombs go off. When I say threat I refer to the strategic sense as opposed to the personal sense. Certainly well trained troops seem to have little difficulty in dealing with the limited threat they apparently pose.

Now, after all the above, they are threatening to behead a Japanese man if Japan does not withdraw its troops. Once again, a pity for the kidnapped man and I sincerely hope the special forces find and slaughter the idiots before they have a chance to hurt him. However, as I understand things, beheading by blade is not culturally a terrible way for a Japanese to die. Certainly death does not carry any where near the same weight as a threat as it would for westerners. So here again we see their stupidity in failing to consider cultural context; wouldn't it be smarter to threaten to hang a Japanese if you wanted them to be outraged by the death??

I just chopped out another couple of paragraphs of rant. Summary, cut out the fucking slaughter of civilians and bring it to the election or the professional soldiers if you have a point to make. Otherwise fuck off, or at least start selling your plans to Fox as sitcom rather than carrying them out. I figure I have made my point and no doubt upset anyone who happens across my rantage by accident.



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