Friday, September 10, 2004

Decaffeinated instant coffee


I mean, decaffeinating coffee is a crime against humanity at the best of times; instant coffee likewise. Combining the two, thats like lending Osama your nuclear weapons for the weekend, not only wrong but blindingly stupid.

However, from all evil comes good, unintended consequences as it were. According to the label, this abomination, this decaffeinated instant coffee was made from beans decaffeinated using water. This naturally begs the question, why isnt this water bottled and sold to me?? hmmmm????

Think about it! , See, even google cant help!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats a good point.

Or is this water what later becomes Jolt or Red Eye?

2:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes that is odd, although what is worse is when people order a strong decaffinated coffee. HUH?????? why don't you just have the real thing, you'll enjoy it more and unless you are immune (like myself), you'll get the morning buzz to go with it!!

in conclusion, strong decaf is a waste of water and money!

10:17 am  

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