Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wow! 2 in as many days...

I know, I dont know what is going on either...

Today, however, it is the caperings of our government procurement descision makers here in Australia that is amusing me. Like little japanese caracatures of humans in coloured clothes, so funny yet so disturbing.

Not naming names of course, but suffice it to say that a certain Australian government research group had an accident. Many computers died... sorry, wrong movie. A power surge wipes out many systems. Systems that were apparently connected to a power bus with NO surge protection and NO RCD Device. I mean, fuck me with a rusty chainsaw, these are EXPENSIVE devices, and the negligible cost of installing correct electrical systems wasnt justified??

No, the wise monkeys in charge clearly "cut costs" and saved +several thousand dollars - the cost of replacing all the computers (no insurance company in the world would pay out if you had failed to take basic precautions). Im betting that sum doesnt come out positive.

Such a clear case of my tax dollars hard on vacation.

So, a research group is unable to work. Possibly for several days.

Most organisations would tell them to take time in lieu, flexi time, some vacations or leave without pay. Since it is wasteful to sit around and do nothing, isn't it??

But no! They are sitting there getting paid. To do nothing.

And there are still people who dont understand my amazement that the Human Race ever got out of the trees, let alone worked out fire and the wheel.

Its this kind of situation that fills me with a glowing and warm absence of confidence in our modern society.


Note; This post has been edited for fear of falling foul to new "anti-terror" legislation which enacted stronger sedition and incitement laws in Australia. It was a nice free country we used to live in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God! What on Earth possessed you to get a Blog?

Dork alert! Dork alert!

And the piste de la resistance is the use of the words, lubrication, vasoline & anus in the same sentence!

You have no life in Adelaide, get back to Melbourne ASAP.

3:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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