Friday, November 05, 2004

Nothing much happened today...

Im serious, really, nothing much happened.

Not thing one.

Ok, Yasser Arafat appears to be dying and ressurected by the news media with a frightening regularity. Of course, Im not convinced the passing of the man who first thought the idea of seizing aircraft full of innocent people and killing them was a good idea is, nescessarily, a Bad Thing. Anyway... I find it funny that a terrorist (since I dont think you ever become an ex-terrorist, that is the kind of poor choice that you should live with forever) gets more media time than the passing of a truly great Arab leader, the former Sheik of the UAE and a man who oversaw the bringing of prosperity, positive international relations and stability to a small chunk of the Middle East. Course, no controversy there.

The Chinese amused me again with a fire that was put out after 130 years. Sure, putting out a coal fire in one of the worlds largest coal deposits which is mostly burning under the surface is probably challenging; but it is still funny :)

But both of these fall into the category of Nothing Much happened...

Oh! yeah, apparently dressing up in military garb and shooting someone is something that only happens because you play video games. FUCKING HELL, could our criminal judges in Australia get any more fucking stupid. A person who shoots another person is, by and large, fucked in the head; certain military and police personel fall into the small category of not nescessarily so. Hell, a person who uses violence against another person is seriously unsalvageable, violence is NOT useful; it is a tool reserved for military use in emergencies. Hell, this dickhead could just have easily been inspired by watching CNNs gulf war coverage. In either case, he is just as likely to see bugs bunny and then decide to drop a fucking anvil on someones head.

People, take some fucking responsibility! The only person responsible for your doing something royally fucked in the head is YOU. Sur-fucking-prise!! yes, YOU make YOUR choices. If your choice is to dress up like some wannabie army fucktard and kill people, dont blame a video game. Take bloody responsibility and at least do us the courtesy of KILLING YOURSELF instead, possibly your parents and siblings too; we dont want to risk it being a genetic problem passed on to others.

Video games, movies, cartoons, games of cops and robbers DO NOT make people do violent things. The chances are the parents were too fucking useless to raise them with a decent morals and values or perhaps they were just broken mentally. Hell, I might accept american sitcoms or hello kitty driving people to violence; but mostly I suspect that would be self harm... either way, you are already deranged if you engage in either of these two pursuits. When people who think a video game made them kill people go on trial, follow the Penny Arcade advice and rather than "video game killer" try "fucktard parents raise useless waste of oxygen" instead, you are likely closer to the truth.

So, perhaps something did happen today, it just wasnt a good sign for our development as a society...

Note; This post probably should have been edited for fear of falling foul to new "anti-terror" legislation which enacted stronger sedition and incitement laws in Australia. It was a nice free country we used to live in. Fuck it, I liked it as it was written.


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